Order Your Own Custom Children's Book


Contact Judy K. Johnson by e-mail to express your interest in ordering a custom "Thoughtful Children's Book" featuring your child as the main character.  Include a description of your child and what special or unique issues or situations you would like included within the story's plot.  Please describe your wishes in detail.  You are under no obligation at this step to complete the order!


You will receive a response to your e-mail inquiry with current price lists and full instructions on completing the attached media release form.  This form allows photos of your child to be used as part of the illustrations of your custom book.   You must return the signed media release form and include photos or image files as outlined in instructions you receive.  Computer photo files (.jpg) are preferred and can be e-mailed to Judy.  If you do not have photo computer files, special arrangements may be made to submit actual photos by US Mail.   You are under no obligation at this step to complete the order!


After your personal photos are reviewed, a proposed story order form with complete instructions will be e-mailed to you.  When you print, sign and return this order form, you agree to the proposed story and a down payment of 50% is due.  Your down payment should be included with the signed proposed story order form for work to begin on your custom story.  From this step in your order, plan at least 4 weeks for your custom story to be written and illustrated.  This time is needed to allow creative time for writing and illustrating your custom story order.  


When the Judy has finished your story and illustrations, you will review your finished story with illustrations on a private internet link.   Only minor changes are possible at this time and may result in additional editing fees.  At this time, the remaining 50% of the order payment is due.  When the final payment is received, the story will be printed and shipped.  From this point of your order, please allow at least 4-6 weeks for the delivery of your actual custom book.  Additional books may also be ordered if you wish.



Please be patient with your order process.  This is a customized process and requires significant time for creating your order (including writing, illustrating, compiling, printing and shipping) with high quality.  If you are considering collaborating with Judy on a custom story for your child, please expect a minimal project time of  6 months.  Remember, this is not a story that just has your child's name plugged into a pre-existing story.  This is a unique, one-of-a-kind story written just for your child.  Judy's goal is to create "thoughtful" consideration for your child's special circumstances! 

What Is It Like To Be Stared At? (Custom Book)

For Your Review

This is a sample of a custom story which contains illustrations utilizing actual photos and digital artwork! Just click arrow keys to turn the pages.