Author/Illustrator Judy K Johnson

The writing muses did not whisper loudly enough for author/illustrator, Judy K. Johnson to hear and actually start writing until she wore the badge of Grandmother.  It was then that the accumulation of parenting experiences began to pop into recollection as her precious grandchildren relived similar adventures themselves.  

Until then, she traveled through several careers revolving through accounting, computer drafting, computer graphic design, illustration and web design.  So it could be said that she dabbled in many and did not linger long at any without moving onward.  All the while, she mainly focusing on her family and the development of her own children's passions.

Today, Judy has grown in understanding and respect for children with special needs.  She views herself  as a campaigner for her own grandson Blake's challenges since he was born as a 1 lb. 6 oz. preemie in 2004.  Grandma Judy often travels to Austin, Texas from her home in east Texas to spend time staying current on Blake's experiences.  She became aware that she wanted to make it easier for children in Blake's gatherings to understand and become friends with one another.  She has written several children's books with grandson Blake as the main character.   

"I believe that all children are born blessed with  a beautiful  innocence and sweetness that we all eagerly adore.  But as they grow, children need our nurturing  guidance and support to understand and appreciate concepts of  'thoughtfulness' for one another."

This "thoughtfulness" nurturing which Judy includes in all her children's books encourages everyone to participate in making our very diverse world a more fulfilling and inclusive environment for EVERYONE!"

Author, Judy K. Johnson, has developed unique methods to create, illustrate, format, upload, proof, publish and print on a small demand scale so that custom personal stories she writes can be made available for any child's classroom group.  For her, to be able to offer this same custom service to others has become a rewarding experience.  She welcomes inquiries on her creation of custom "thoughtful children" books.

 Judy delights in what she calls her "casual country" gardens which are deliberately not formal but rather casually inviting.  Come sit in the shade and enjoy scents of savory rosemary, sweet peppermint, tangy lemon grass or soothing lavender.  All of  which, the delightful breezes offer as a welcome into a haven delightfully supportive of Judy's writing.  At last the muses are heard whispering within the resonating hum of playful wind chimes!  A favorite children's song cleverly reminds us all, "When your friend is my friend and my friend is your friend, the more we get together, the happier we'll be!"

Country living  lends itself to a great lifestyle to encourage creativity.

Country living lends itself to a great lifestyle to encourage creativity.